News Room

Jim: More on that later. Now, we wanted to take a closer look at the Bruiser campaign, how’s he doin’ John?.
John: He’s a bulldog, Jim.
Jim: Quite tenacious, isn’t he?
John: No, he’s literally a bulldog. Bruiser is a dog’s name.
Jim: He does look like a bulldog with those jowls of his, huh?
John: That’s because he is – literally – a bulldog!
Jim: *cough* … Up next: a recap of-
John: Are you kidding me? You can’t see it? That an animal is running for Senate?
Jim: Well, he does have a reputation for being rough around the edges…
John: Literally a dog, Jim!
Jim: *cough* Well, moving on…
John: Oh my god. You can tell. You do see it. Why aren’t you saying anything if you can see it?!
Jim: Our next story is –
John. Damn it Jim, answer me!
Jim: …Anyway… Up next: a recap of President Whisker’s State of the Union Address, right after the break.
John: *sobs*