Who’s Line

So, I saw that Whose Line Is It Anyway? is returning. And, if I can be crass for a moment readers (which is approximately six of you, progress!), that’s fucking awesome.


Like, I would have had sex with that moment. Or at that moment.

I did, fyi, just don’t tell my girlfriend that’s why… (that’s not for here)

Anyway, Whose Line is fantastic, but its also something I feel like I appreciate through an ‘annoying, overprivileged youth’ lens. See, I love Whose Line. But I feel like they’re so much better at improv than I will ever be because they’re older. I’ve been watching  a lot of the old Songs of ________ skits, and I am blown away by Wayne’s ability to know who Cher is (amIright?)

Maybe It’s just because I feel like an adequately cultured individual until I watch comedy, but I feel like I’m missing out by being born white, male, in the year bracket where I would be in my 20’s now…

IDK, as the kids say. I feel like I almost rather have some relatable disadvantage that I could pimp out for comedic purposes. White privilege anyone?

Sorry if I offend, it’s a concept I’ve had rolling around in my head for awhile now, and hell, what better place to out myself as a… a… well, a whatever. than the internet?


Did I mention I’m slightly intoxicated?


Delightfully Unpleasant

So, I was hangin’ out at work, and on my break I had a brief discussion about words I would consider ‘delightfully unpleasant’. I think we all know what these kind of words are, even if we call them something else (fantastically uncomfortable, etc.)

The initial word in question was ‘moist’. It’s a blasé example now because everyone dislikes the word moist, (well, I don’t, hence this post) and they can articulate why, but it does a good job of illustrating what I’m getting at.

There are words that – probably because of what we associate them with – make your brain crawl when you think of them. I think we should use them more, because they are hilarious.

So, just throwing this out here, try using these words more to spice up a conversation while making someone very uncomfortable:

  • moist
  • girth (and its derivatives: girthy, etc.)
  • seep (and again, derivatives like seeping or seepage are super fun)

Can you think of more? Leave suggestions in the comments!