New Thread

Hi folks! (I’m assuming that someone will read this eventually) There’s a new category up called “Arguments With a Hamburger”

I have, and continue to write absurd things. It’s like talking but with words. I also really liked the style of this one bit I made a while back called Arguments With a Hamburger. There was no exposition of any kind, only dialogue, and I really thought the medium was cool. So I decided to post the bits here.

Well, don’t let me tell you how cool it is, you tell me how cool it is! (Please, my self-esteem could use it)

Arguments With a Hamburger



So…. I’m not a professional writer. Or even a normal writer. Or a professional. I’m going to school to become a professional, but not the writing kind.

That being said, I like to be creative. Well, I try. And on occasion I appear to be funny. So, here ya go.